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MR-WEB Volume 2 Number 3, March 1996


Maxine Chernoff's book of stories, Bop, (Vintage Contemporary Series) received the 1988 LSU/Southern Review Short Fiction Award. Poems and stories have appeared in The Best of the Paris Review, Story, ACM.

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay was guest editor of the special issue of Science Fiction Studies on the author Stanislaw Lem. He has written widely on science fiction.

Thom Jones published the story collection The Pugilist at Rest in 1993. The story published here is from that collection.

Victoria Lancelotta studied at Johns Hopkins and the University of Florida, and is working on her doctorate at the Center for Writers. She has published in Glimmer Train, Crescent Review, Black Warrior Review, Threepenny Review, Texas Review, and has been nominated for the AWP Intro Awards and the Henfield Transatlantic Award.

Charles Marvin's fiction has been widely published. Stories have appeared in Blip Magazine Archive, Ascent, Northwest Review, and Little Magazine.

Gary Percesepe ( is Fiction Editor at the Antioch Review. A native New Yorker, he was a student of T. Coraghessan Boyle (back when he was just Tom) in high school, and has studied with William H. Gass and Mary Grimm. The author of four books in philosophy, he has a novel in progress as well as a new book on postmodern theory, Beyond Suspicion.

George Slusser is head of the Special Science Fiction Collections at the UC-Riverside Library.

James Edward Whorton, Jr. teaches at a community college in northeast Tennessee. He studied writing at the University of Southern Mississippi and Johns Hopkins, and has published in Sun Dog, California Quarterly, Blip Magazine Archive, and Product.

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