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Shelley Ettinger


The tulips! The tulips! Trace rootward my trance state

Induced by pinkest rubymost peachy lemonade shades

Stupidest stupor! I admit it! I'm ashamed!

Tritest daze! Most shameless cliché!

Yet the tulips! The tulips! I'm woozy. Oy vey

The velveteen petals. The bell-sex-cup shape

The clandestine closure the secrets contained

The manifest innocence blithe breezy sway

Upended umbrella open catch me I'm rain

I drop in I tumble cached embraced cradled framed

The mother. The lover. The cadre tutor mate

The tulips! The tulips! The tulips! The tulips!

Track bloomward my mania. It's in an advanced state

Shelley Ettinger's work is in La Petite Zine, Lodestar Quarterly, Blithe House Quarterly, Word Is Bond, Epiphany, Hamilton Stone Review, Glass Tesseract, Mudlark, PindeldybozMississippi Review (Winter 04, forthcoming Fall 04), and other journals. A secretary at New York University, she is completing her first novel.

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