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Robert Sward

Power User/For Two Voices

     MacCare, MacMall,
          MacWorld, MacZone,

They come in the mail
three and four a day
and what I read instead of reading is catalogs:

     300 MHz Power Macs,
          Macromedia Bundles,
     Connectix Speed Doubler,
          Extended Keyboard and Mouse

Bound to the phone,
I buy this shit
in order to say, a month later,
I need more Megahertz, more RAM.

     Software, software,
     I want more.
     Order, order,
     order more

Install the stuff
     cross-platform support
          and duplex printing,

de-install and re-install
and install some more.

Eye candy prices on a yellow background
     new user interfaces optimized for distance viewing
from the living room sofa
One Thumb Browsing
using WebTV.

     Bargain hard drives, bargain opticals,
          Powerful. Fun. Easy-to-Use.

Know the 800- numbers by heart:
Software of the Month Club,

     bargain power
and the promise of power.
Prometheus, credit card at the ready,
     the promise of zero,
     the promise of one,
the promise of zeros and ones.
Prometheus on hold.

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