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Sunday AM

Hello Cheryl,

How are you doing these days? I heart you and miss you a whole lot (2). Smiley face. I "NEVER" stop thinking about you at "ALL." My dad gave me your address when I talked to him on the phone last 3/30/01 the "JUDGE" ordered me to have a "PHYCIATRIC EVALUATION", and I haven't been evaluated yet, but they'll get to me.

My theft of property charge was bound over to the "GRAND JURY" on 4/18/01 by the districtcourt judges, and I'm to hear about 6/2001 sometime, and they'll make a decision to "INDITE" me or not, but I don't have "ANY" witnesses to where I stold the car at 12:00AM on 3/2/01. How's buster? Also send me a picture of Buster OK Cheryl? How's Your Moma? Tell her hello, and I heart her 2 OK? Tell her I am smoking a cig up for her.

I've come up with x41) POSITIVE THINGS to do when I get out.

(1) Get out of jail.

(2) Play the 4/5/5/5/6/6 in Pensacola, Fla the "LOTTERY" and (win) a whole bunch of “MONEY".

(3) Go to Mt Vernon, Ala. to get my girl Nancy, and

(4) Get Married.

(5) Then after we are married, find a $70,000-$150,000 home to live in. But I'll have to use a car in the family, and take care of business.

My dad told the detective what I did about the car I stold, and the detective press charges for T.O.P. 1st class A Felony, and it carries a 2-20 yrs in prison. I'll send you a picture of me when I get out OK. My attorney is like a Moma to me, she's the sweetest lady you'd ever talk (2).

Jesus L's You (2) Cheryl. Are you Catholic? I've been Catholic all my life, and when I was a baby, my pretty cousin put me in a "BABY CONTEST", and I won 1st place for the "CUTEST BABY". I'm so glad you don't smoke cigs, cause they say smoking makes women really wako. 

I'm sick of "FUCKING UP", and I'm going to really try not to come to "JAIL AGAIN".  How old are you Cheryl? When is your D.O.B.? How's Your sister doing? The one that has (SMR) Mental Retardation? Tell her hello for me (2) ok. I'm so glad I can write to you!! Smiley face I'll always keep in touch with you, you are like a "BABY SISTER" to me Cheryl. 

I don't believe I have organic brain damage I don't belive the DR'S of what they said of how I act like a (9) Years old. My Dr in Seattle WA stated that I act like a (9) year old. Not true at "ALL." If I acted like (9) then I wouldn't have any hair on my stomach/chest. ETC. 

I don't talk to Brenda, but I do talk to my dad, and he's "LOST FAITH" in me after 17 yrs. I started stealing "VEHICLES" in 1987, and ended up not stealing no more come the year 1990. 1987-1990, WE, My (X) friend, we stold 17 cars + a van, and almost we got "BUSTED", but most of the vehicles we stole we put them in "LAKES/RIVERS etc. 1990-1996 I spent 6 Yrs 27 DAYS days locked up in "MENTAL HOSPITALS." In 1996, I filed a 25.8 writ release to the court that committed me the "NGRI RULING", which ment NOT GUILTY REASON OF INSANITY" but I don't recall how many charges I had in 1990 while I was "IN JAIL."  

1990 I went from jail to Tesser House in Tuscaloosa, Ala. for T-ment, and stayed there for 11 months, then was discharged and transferred to THOMASVILLE REHAB CENTER for (3) months, but was transferred back to Tesser House for 11 more months, then was transferred to Searcy Hosp in Mt. Vernon, Ala with 4 years 27 days and was released form the counts +a discharge from Searcy in 1996. If I win the "LOTTO," I'm going to have 5 SUV's + a mini van + 2 64 buses. I will also have you in my wedding as a brides/maid OK Cheryl. I wrote all about you (2). 

Take care,
Write me back right away!

Write me right back and send that picture of you (2) right away. I also want your (#) to call you "COLLECT" OK.

Pray for me to get out shortly

Hey Cheryl!

I'm glad to say thank you for (finally) writing me back OK. So did you get that (BROCHURE/comfortinn, TN) I sent to ya last week? I thought of you, so I sent it to CHERISH OK. No, you can't send me "ANY" MAGAZINES, but you can (BUY ME) a "SUBSCRIPTION on TRAINS" the kind that you see as in "Freight Trains" and passenger trains (as) the (Amtrack) OK. Are you part (sister) to me? I surely do heart you and miss you as my BEAUTIFUL FRIEND (2). How's your Moma doing? Tell her hello for me OK? Yes, I got your letter today, and I didn't know you were "TRIPPING ON", I said "SHE dun smoked a lot of cigs, and that's what I thought, and Cheryl you come to Mobile to see me at my new est place when I get released? I'm going to ASK Brenda to give me your phone (#) so (we) can "TALK" OK Cheryl?

I really blew (all) my "TRUST", (NO Body) wants me=FAMILY to come and stay at their houses= (TRUE Fucked Up). My dad told my Parole Officer (P.O>) that (he) wants me in H-arrest with the monitor, and the (thing) (is) he didn't (ask me) 1st of all, would I agree to the H Arrest with the (Monitor), he simply went behind my (BACK) and He did what(was) I'd say= BEST for ME.

My dad can at time be a "tight wad" (very true/I did go to court on 9/7/01 10:20AM (Judge Wallace=Circuit Court), and the Judge told me that (I) can go back to Serenity House with a Monitor, and I'll have to stay there a LONG TIME and (He) said "Next week=(This week) My (P.O.=Parole Officer) will "check" to see if the "MAN" will accept me, and see if there is a bed open, and he Judge Wallace said "YOU" VIOLATE, You come before me again, guess where I'm sending you: to TAYLOR Atmore Prison for 25 yrs=Life. And He's (Not) playing either. He said, I'll have to (see) my (P.O.)/ on a WKLY BASIS. MY (PO) said "You better do right." How's Ross your friend is he really a priest tell him hey BRO.

I'm defently going to buy a Rot willer=dog=(Roxanne) and she'll (go) where I go (2). Can I buy you a (gift) for "protection? It's a thing a cop carries. It (will) do you good. You tell me why you didn't keep writing to me. Will you? Friends call/write once a week. I (do) keep you in the Center/of my heart (2).

I've got to go see my girl Nancy if she's still in Mt. Vernon, Ala at Searcy Hosp=Mental Hosp. Cheryl, you realize I heart Every body =very true! As (friends) I believe we should get to know each other well> do you? Let me know when ya write back, OK? I'm buying a s-wagon and a 64 psg "Used School Bus" when I am at my new place, and You Can drive my Bus (2). I had a dream and you were driving a 2001 Chevy Tahoe and you were booking yeah.

When I see you, I'll give you a Big Hug, and a Holy Kiss. The (Seed)/(is) the Word of God. Do you heart God? Do You trust God? God (is) 3 persons (1) God the Father. (2) God the Sun. (3) God the Holy Spirit. When we pray, we take it in Jesus name. That day you/Ross were on the "swing" in front of Brenda's house, you kept turning your head to the right and I swore you were smoking lid that day was a day.

Do you like station wagons/I do, (+SUV's and Buses/and Vans, and BIG RIGS, but I'm Choosey/of what model/make I like. What kind of Cars trucks/vans buses do you like? I picture you driving a 15 passenger Ford Club Wagon =VAN. Do you like Chev. Suburbans? I want (1) but I don't have the "CASH" to (make) (1) payment. Do you have time/people sports illustrated magazines? If you see a picture of a CHEV Suburban, (cut it/and send (it) to me OK,=the whole picture of the (truck/OK Cheryl? Have you had "sex before"? I have, and say no more. Go to www. american greetings. com and send me a pretty picture and a 'MESSAGE' to help me to feel better about things OK.

Also go to www. Ford Vehicles. com and send me the Information/pictures of the "Ford Excursion of how much they cost etc. Thank you mam!! Do you know what a Holy Kiss is? I know, you tell me. Why they (say) a judge would tell (me) this week? He told me my lawyer would come and see me but SHE didn't.

Take care Hun,
I heart ya/miss ya,

(Send me your phone # so (we can talk, I have to call "collect", and (we) get 15 minutes to talk.)




What's up baby lady? I got out on 10/5/01 and went to 1345 Greyhound Avenue, Mobile, AL, 36666 (251)634-9222 and call me OK so we can talk OK maam? I kind of am thinking I'll be here 90-120 days, and the court's will set me free 2, and I'll go stay at Brenda/Dad's=temporarily 2. Then I'll be out on my own. AGAIN YES.

I (heart) you and much my beautiful sister. I'm sending you a "cig" to smoke, so you'll have it to do when you need it OK maam? I have a 25 pound cat he's all mine, and he hearts to be hearted 2. You heart to be hearted 2, just like my cat 2 and my cat plays with me every now/then think of him chasing string/wire.

Yes, baby, I'm (making it 85% for now, but will work up to 90%=shortly  2. I still "recall you/Ross as BOF/2 and all I want to do is to be a brother to you OK sis? If I do right/I'm not going to lie to you sister lady I know where I can get a church bus right now b/c I'm too smart for my own GOOD. I have a curse of sense things with my mind since I was a baby. I'm smoking cigs because I've been off on smoking cigs since I was about 17 yrs old 2. Some people here like to beat peoples ass for no reason 2! 

You can really send me a color photo of you of 2001, if you have (1) OK? I will not let no one see a picture of you or BUSTER OK?

Take care,


Jay Fontenot is a Louisiana native currently living under house arrest in Alabama. Jay enjoys writing letters, car detailing, backhoes, and working on small gas engines. Jay is also a fan of school busses, trucks, vans, SUVs, trains, and exotic birds.

The State of Alabama does not provide basic health services for persons with Mental Retardation/Mental Illness, so Jay spent most of 2001 in Mobile County Jail. This is his first publication.

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