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MR-WEB Volume 1 Number 8, November 1995


Jason Brown grew up in Maine, attended Bowdoin College, and has just finished an MFA at Cornell, where he is a temporary lecturer. His fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The Georgia Review and TriQuarterly. "Driving the Heart" was awarded the 1995 Blip Magazine Archive Prize in Short Fiction by judge Amy Hempel.

Tara Calishain fixes computers and writes advertisements to earn a living. She composes music and writes poetry so she doesn't go crazy while fixing the computers and writing the advertisements. She lives in North Carolina with her husband Phil and Herbie the Wonder Cat.

Kristi Coulter received her MFA in creative writing from the University of Michigan, where her nonfiction won a 1994 Hopwood Award. She has published fiction and poetry in Snake Nation Review and The Allegheny Review . Raised in South Florida, she now lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she teaches writing at an area college. Her story here was a finalist in the 1995 Blip Magazine Archive Prize competition.

Victoria Else was published for the first time last year in the Western Humanities Review and has a poem scheduled for publication in the fall issue of the Paris Review. She belongs to a small poet's group in NYC.

David Gilbert recently received his MFA from the University of Montana. He lives in New York City. His story in this issue of MRW was a finalist in the 1995 Blip Magazine Archive Prize competition.

Ben Greenman was born in Chicago and raised in Miami. His fiction, journalism, fictionalized journalism, and cultural criticism have appeared in such publications as the Yale Literary Magazine, the Village Voice, the Chicago Reader, Rolling Stone, Time Out, Miami New Times, and The Miami Herald. In 1994 he led a team of intrepid Northwestern University graduate students to victory in the inaugural Rolling Stone Rock and Roll Trivia Bowl. Now a lapsed grad student, he lives in New York City.

Alyson Hagy is the author of Madonna on Her Back (Stuart Wright) and Hardware River (Poseidon Press). Her fiction has most recently appeared in STORY, Shenandoah, and The Chicago Tribune. She teaches writing at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and has just completed a collection of stories set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Her story here was a finalist in the 1995 Mississippi Review Prize competition.

Mario Rossilli is a doctoral student at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has published stories in small magazines such as Product and The Gorgon Review, and is presently at work on a novel.

Terese Svobodaís first novel, Cannibal , won the Bobst Prize and the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writerís Award and was chosen as one of the top ten books of the year by SPIN magazine. Her story "Party Girl" was a finalist in the 1995 Mississippi Review Prize competition.

Lisa Zeidnerís most recent novel is Limited Partnerships, North Point Press. She teaches at Rutgers, Camden, and is at work on a story collection.

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