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Robin Grossinger


In Search of a Lost Laguna


Robin Grossinger is a landscape ecologist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute, where he directs the Bay Area Historical Ecology Project. He is also a member of Stillhere, an art/science team investigating the ecological transformation of the region.


The work of Robin and his colleagues to visualize environmental change was recently featured in New Scientist magazine, and has received awards for map design and local education. 


Robinís art was featured at San Franciscoís Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Back to the Bay exhibit in 2001.  Robinís writing has appeared in Cometbus, Yes!, Annals of Earth, Bay Nature, Ecological Restoration, The Historical Ecology Handbook: A Restorationist's Guide to Reference Ecosystem (Island Press, Washington, D.C), and other publications. 


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