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Dorothee Lang

what it is, what it isn’t is

after Erich Fried

it is in the genes say scientists

it is back says selfcreation

it is neither here nor there says option

it is in the field says mountain counseling

it is not somewhere else says songfacts


it is an equation says cnn

it is a choice says barry

it is an art says the dalai lama

it is a weapon says laweekly

it is not enough says samuel


it is a crème pie says pieman

it is porcelain dolls says happinessminiatures

it is a lead pipe says irony central

it is a net hobbit says canoe

it is not a fish you can catch says music critic


it is being small and successful says strategy

it is dragon shaped says sendit

it is a serious problem says dennis

it is easier than you might think says suntimes

it is not the easiest thing to find says chennai


it is 81-90 results of 544,000 matches

says google

Dorothee Lang works as an undercover agent for overdue intermediate transmissions, is a capricorn but loves cats, has web dreams on a weekly basis and believes in noncoincidence and cotangents. Her work has appeared in The Blue Moon Review, Artzar, Eyeshot, Word Riot, Locus Novus and Cafe Irreal, among others. She edits the travel magazine subside.zine, lives in Germany, and for some yet undiscovered reasons only gets published abroad.

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