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Matthew Murphy Eitel


Pink Pearl: Ode to My Eraser

She's my pink pearl, I use her every day
Piece by piece, she gets wore away
She is very useful, I keep her around
She is the greatest, I'm so glad I found
This sweet thing, I'm allowed to soar
Without her, life would be a bore

She's my pink pearl, smaller by the day
I rub her hard, what can I say
I fondle her, while I'm on the job
When I come around, she'll never sob
When I look back at what we were
I care so much, and I do love her



A Dr. Pepper, Please

Sometimes a Dr. Pepper just tastes better
Like on a cold winter day
None of the flavor is dulled by the heat
All of the bubbles stay right in place

A warm day is not a Dr. Pepper day
Those days are meant for water
The carbonation burns in my mouth
The taste is an unwelcome friend

But in the dead of winter
When all the leaves are gone
Dr. Pepper just tastes better
That's what I have found



My Father's Shirt

The fabric of his shirt is soft
I only realized the other day
All of my years growing up
I never thought to get that close

Now the shirt is a hand me down
Even more distant we have grown
I wear the shirt, it fits me now
I hope it will give me what I've lost



I Must Die

Give me a reason that I must die
I don't think it's dignified
Some go far too soon, that leaves
The question of what could have been

Others go far too late, that leaves
Them driving and free coffee at diners
I want to go before I lose my mind
Only to stare out the window and never ask why

I want to remember all that I have done
Not look at awards and pictures on the wall
Without a clue of who or what they are
I guess that death is dignified

When death comes at the right time
Only fond memories will be left behind
That's the reason that I must die  

Matthew Murphy Eitel is from Wisconsin.