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David Alexander

The Frequency

At 0847 GMT Surveillance Subject "Kenneth" was observed through long range telephotometry and infrared [deleted] imaging assets. Subject appeared to be engaged in New York State recycling activities. At 0905 GMT Surveillance Subject was approached in parking lot of [deleted] mall by undercover Surveillance Officers [deleted] and [deleted] who spoke a sequence of code words.

Surveillance Subject "Kenneth" did not respond to the sequence of code words. Surveillance Officers repeated this sequence but still did not receive a response. Surveillance Subject "Kenneth" proceeded to [deleted] and then to a table in [deleted], a fast-food restaurant located in the mezzanine level of the mall.

Surveillance Officers moved to another table and continued surveillance on Surveillance Subject. Subject left fast food restaurant and proceeded north on [deleted] Avenue and then west on [deleted] Street. Surveillance Officers detained Surveillance Subject in the alcove of a building along [deleted] Street and again spoke the sequence of code words.

The Surveillance Team in the van then gave them permission to proceed to the next question, concerning frequencies. They asked Surveillance Subject to give them the frequency. Subject claimed no knowledge of frequencies and became agitated. Subject was then released but taken into the van approximately twenty feet up [deleted] Street.

The van was driven to the Interrogation Center via a circuitous route and Surveillance Subject was confined in a Detention Area where he presently awaits interrogation.

Surveillance Subject "Kenneth" was detained for a period of time commensurate with instillation of psychological sub-trauma and heightened suggestibility and then brought from the Detention Area into Interrogation Room F. Interrogation Officer [deleted] him complaining of pain. Surveillance Subject "Kenneth" was asked to state his name, age, place of residence, place of employment and social security identification number. Then [deleted] searched against protests. Surveillance Subject was uncooperative at first but upon threat of coercion [deleted] seems to be afraid of guns [deleted] answered all questions. Transcript of interrogation follows.

Interrogator: For the record, we are proceeding with the interrogation of [deleted] which commenced at 1078 GMT. Surveillance Officers [deleted] and [deleted] are present during the interrogation. Do you know why you have been brought here today, Kenneth?

Subject: My name isn't Kenneth, I told you that already. It is [deleted].

Interrogator: "Kenneth" is a code descriptor not a name. Which defines you and with which you will henceforward be addressed during the interrogation.

Subject: What?

Interrogator: Kenneth, do you know why you have been brought here today?

(At this point Subject attempts to stand and is returned to his chair by Surveillance Officer [deleted] returned syringe to its case.)

Interrogator: Please answer the question, Kenneth.

Subject: No, I don't know.

Interrogator: But you do know that this is not the first time that you have been a subject of interrogation.

Subject: Never.

Interrogator: I see.

(At this point Interrogation Officer opens a folder containing photographs of "Kenneth" during a previous interrogation and passes them across desk to Subject).

Interrogator: Do you recognize the person in these photographs, Kenneth?

Subject: Fuck no.

Interrogator: Those photographs were taken approximately six months ago during the course of your previous interrogation. I was present at this interrogation as were Surveillance Officer [deleted] who is standing at your left. Are you still stating that you have never been previously interrogated nor do you recognize the person depicted in these photographs?

Subject: Hey, fuck you. What is this? I have to go to work.

(At this point Subject again attempts to rise and resists efforts by Surveillance Officers to re-seat him. A brief altercation ensues whereupon Subject is forcibly restrained. The interrogation is interrupted for 12:07 minutes while Subject receives medical attention necessitated by superficial injuries sustained during altercation. The Subject is then re-seated and interrogation resumes.)

Interrogator: Kenneth, what is the frequency?

Subject: What frequency. What are you talking about?

Interrogator: Kenneth, what is the frequency?

Subject: I don't know what you're talking about.

Interrogator: Kenneth, we need to know the frequency.

Subject: [deleted].

Interrogator: We will proceed to another question. I am going to state a sequence of code words to you, Kenneth. Please listen carefully to the sequence and then give us the individual frequencies associated with the individual coded words in the sequence: [deleted].

Subject: I don't know the frequencies. I'm not lying. Please I have to go to work.

Interrogator: I will repeat the coded sequence: [deleted]. What are the associated frequencies?

Subject: Hey, up yours. I [garbled] don't [garbled] that away, okay, man?

Interrogator: We will proceed to another question.

(At this point Interrogation Officer produces a folder containing schematic diagrams of the [deleted] nuclear warhead with an accompanying translation from the original [deleted] obtained from the Foreign Technology Division / Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio.)

Interrogator: Are you familiar with the diagrams of the [deleted] nuclear warhead that you are now studying?

Subject: I have never seen these before in my life.

Interrogator: You are claiming unfamiliarity with the materials you have been provided for study?

Subject: Hey, I'm a [garbled] what do I know about this shit? You people have got me mixed up with somebody else. I [deleted] to [garbled] and I should be there right now [garbled] clients.

Interrogator: What are the technical and tactical characteristics -- especially concerning the destructive radius, zone, isotropic and anisotropic effects -- of the high explosive warhead? What are the shockwave, heat and radiation effects of the nuclear warhead?

Subject: What?

Interrogator: You claim no knowledge of these matters?

Subject: I must cheese [garbled] brawn [garbled].

Interrogator: Please state [deleted] aspects of the barometric, hydrostatic, radar, contact and other fuzes triggering warhead detonation.

Subject: [garbled].

Interrogator: You claim no knowledge of these matters?

Subject: No. How many times I have to say it?

Interrogator: Do you know what the foreign phrase "Voennye Znaniya" signifies?

Subject: No.

Interrogator: Do you know what language this phrase is in?

Subject: (Shakes head.)

Interrogator: What is the frequency associated with burst transmissions at ten megacycles per second?

Subject: No idea.

Interrogator: What are the combined frequencies associated with the following: (a) radiotelemetry originating from the MIL-9 surface-to-air missile during launch (b) radiotelemetry originating from the MIL-9 surface-to-air missile during the target tracking and acquisitions phase (c) radiotelemetry originating from [deleted] ground station during penetration and detonation inside the target.

Subject: (Gestures to indicate does not know.)

Interrogator: Kenneth, give us the frequencies.

Subject: Fuck this. Fuck this [garbled].

Interrogator: One more time, Kenneth. Give [garbled] the frequencies or we will [deleted] you understand.

(At this point the Interrogation Subject is informed that the interrogation has been suspended due to his uncooperative attitude and refusal to answer questions. Interrogation Subject believes this to mean that his is being released but is informed that he is mistaken. The interrogation will resume at a later time, however he will not be permitted to leave the Interrogation Center until the interrogation is completed to the satisfaction of the Interrogation Officer.)

The Interrogation Subject is escorted from the Interrogation Room by the Surveillance Officers. The Interrogation Subject is again placed in the Detention Area while psychological operations are prepared. To heighten sub-trauma the Interrogation Subject is ordered to remove his clothing. The Interrogation Subject refuses to comply and must be forcibly disrobed by the Surveillance Officers assigned to the case. He is informed that he may receive his clothing at a later time but that this, like his release, will be contingent on the satisfactory completion of the interrogation.

While the Interrogation Subject awaits Psychological Operations in the Detention Area, a plainclothes Surveillance Officer disguised as another Interrogation Subject awaiting interrogation is placed in the Detention Area with him. The plainclothes officer has been trained in methods of heightening the subtrauma experienced by the Interrogation Subject. The plainclothes officer pretends to be interested in the [deleted] of Subject and attempts to engage the Interrogation Subject in conversation which is geared to [deleted] then placing [deleted] and asking to be [deleted]. The Interrogation Subject asks to be removed from the cell and to be given back his clothing. His first request is granted but not his second request.

The Interrogation Subject is conducted from the Detention Area by Surveillance Officers. He is told he is being taken back to the Interrogation Center. His repeated requests to have his clothing back are ignored. The Surveillance Officers conduct the Interrogation Subject into the emergency stairway area of the building. On the landing the Interrogation Subject is ordered to kneel, whereupon Surveillance Officer [deleted] places a pistol to his head and informs him that he is to be executed for refusing to answer questions put to him by the Interrogation Officer.

The pistol is not loaded but the Interrogation Subject is unaware of this. The Surveillance Officer pulls the trigger but the gun does not discharge. The Surveillance Officer informs the Interrogation Subject that he has decided to give him one more chance if he agrees to cooperate. The Interrogation Subject agrees and is conducted from the emergency stairwell to the Interrogation Center with no further detours.

The Interrogation Officer is seated at his desk as the Interrogation Subject is conducted into the Interrogation Center. The Interrogation Subject is seated in a chair facing the desk as before, flanked by the two Surveillance Officers assigned to his case. His clothing has not yet been returned. The Interrogation Officer ignores him as he studies a variety of papers and other materials on his desk and then initiates the second part of the interrogation. Transcript follows.

Interrogator: Kenneth, we have given you time to decide whether to cooperate or continue to be uncooperative. Have you come to a decision?

Subject: Okay. I will try [garbled] want me to say. Can I have my clothes back?

Interrogator: If you cooperate we will give them back.

(At this point Interrogation Officer holds up a thick file bearing the Interrogation Subject's name.)

Intterogator: Please tell me the name on the cover of this file, Kenneth.

Subject: That's my name [deleted].

Interrogator: I wanted to show you that we have extensive records about you. This file is only a small portion of these records. We already know the answers to all the questions we have asked, so there is no reason for you to withhold information. You have nothing to lose by being completely truthful with us.

Subject: But why --

Interrogator: Yes?

Subject: Nothing I [garbled].

Interrogator: I want to inform you that the members of your cell have been eliminated. You have been completely isolated.

Subject: I don't understand.

Interrogator: I'm reminding you of your promise to be truthful.

Subject: Okay. Yes.

Interrogator: Kenneth, are you engaged in clandestine activity directed against the National Security?

Subject: No.

Interrogator: Kenneth, are you or have you ever been a member of a foreign intelligence or security service?

Subject: Never. No.

Interrogator: What is the frequency associated with the launch signature of the [deleted] air-to-ground missile?

Subject: I, uh. (Gestures, shakes head.)

Interrogator: What is the frequency associated with the terminal guidance phase of the [deleted] anti-armor missile used by the [deleted] guerillas in Sri Lanka?

Subject: I can't tell you. I really don't know.

Interrogator: Kenneth, are you aware of something known within certain circles of the Intelligence Community as [deleted] which are offensive capabilites [deleted] human nervous system?

Subject: No.

Interrogator: Kenneth, are you familiar with an event which took place in the year [deleted] involved a motor home driven by a tourist couple north along Idaho Highway 55, pulling a 1992 Honda Civic. Between mileposts 69 and 70, near the town of [deleted], the Honda's right tire blew out. Do you understand?

Subject: I, uh. Yes, I do understand, yes.

Interrogator: Do you know what happened next.

Subject: I think -- no. (Shakes head.)

Interrogator: For the next eight miles sparks from the frame of the blown rear tire of the Honda Civic ignited dozens of separate fires along the route. Ultimately some 6,200 acres of public and private land were burned up, costing over a million dollars to suppress. Do you know anything further about that incident?

Subject: No, nothing.

Interrogator: Are you certain about this, Kenneth?

Subject: Yes.

Interrogator: Are you very certain? Please think carefully before answering.

Subject: Yes. I'm certain.

Interrogator: Kenneth, what is the frequency associated with the midcourse phase of the [deleted] nuclear cruise missile at maximum altitude?

Subject: Forty.

Interrogator: That is incorrect. Do you know the frequency, Kenneth?

Subject: Two hundred thirty.

Interrogator: That is incorrect. Kenneth, what is the frequency?

Subject: Six hundred ninety megacycles.

Interrogator: That is correct. Thank you Kenneth.

(At this point Interrogation Officer permits Interrogation Subject to put on his clothes.)

Interrogator: Kenneth, are you familiar with the maritime shipping company doing business under the name [deleted]?

Subject: Yes, I am.

Interrogator: Do you know of a beached ship near the South American port of [deleted] and of certain efforts to secure its cargo by agents of the aforenamed maritime shipping company?

Subject: As a matter of fact, I do know about this.

Interrogator: How do you come by this knowledge?

Subject: I happen to know my boss is considering being part of that deal to get the cargo.

(At this point Interrogation Officer shows Interrogation Subject a series of glossy color photographs.)

Interrogator: Do you recognize the individuals depicted in these photographs.

Subject: I recognize one of them.

Interrogator: Who is that person?

Subject: That's my boss [deleted].

Interrogator: This individual is known to you. You are certain?

Subject: I just told you that's my boss.

Interrogator: Are you aware that this individual is a highly placed intelligence asset of a foreign government?

Subject: You're kidding.

Interrogator: Have you ever been a chauffeur for an individual named [deleted] who is also known by the alias [deleted]?

Subject: No.

Interrogator: Have you ever driven a Honda Civic?

Subject: Never. No.

Interrogator: You have a chauffeur's face.

Subject: What?

Interrogator: [deleted] pyramid.

Subject: What?

Interrogator: Repeat. [deleted] pyramid.

Subject: (Gestures, shakes head.)

Interrogator: Kenneth, what is the frequency associated with launch telemetry from the [deleted] orbital vehicle?

Subject: Three hundred twenty-two megacycles.

Interrogator: That is correct. Kenneth, what is the frequency?

Subject: Three hundred twenty-two megacycles.

Interrogator: What is the frequency, Kenneth?

Subject: Three hundred twenty-two megacycles.

Interrogator: This interrogation has been satisfactorily completed. The Interrogation Subject is now free to go.

(At this point Interrogation Subject is conducted from the Interrogation Center by the Surveillance Officers and after signing appropriate forms is permitted to leave. On the basis of the interrogation the Interrogation Officer recommends separation of the Interrogation Subject and the rendering of his case as permanently closed and inactive.)

At 1780 hours GMT, Surveillance Subject "Kenneth" was observed through long range telephotometry and infrared [deleted] imaging assets. Separation of the Surveillance Subject was carried out by Surveillance Officer [deleted] who acted as spotter and Surveillance Officer [deleted] who targeted the Surveillance Subject with [deleted] weapon using the [deleted] infrared acquisition system. Separation of Surveillance Subject "Kenneth" was instantaneous and the case thereby rendered permanently closed and inactive. As far as can be determined, the correct frequency associations remain unknown to unauthorized intelligence functions.

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