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Rebecca Givens


This is the name I wrote on the inside

of your book: Maple-Tongue. Or


was it Sage-Brush, Lilac, Potter’s-

Arm? I brushed up on my Italian


and got honest. You spoke fast

and gave me books to read. Inherent


to the body is some degree of wine;

inherent to the wine is a window.


Watch the branches sway past

the window, darling; watch weather


find its penchants, stake its path

and clear out the city, Storm Warning


at five, everything rained on and you

upstairs, amassing the sandbags


of chocolate and old movies, half

at ease, half laughing at the concept


of a wind – as though it would take us,

unnoticed, as though we were not


happy, standing here?

Rebecca Givens has poems upcoming in The Gettysburg Review, The Seattle Review, Puerto del Sol, and 32 Poems.  Recently she won an Academy of American Poets Award.

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