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Sommer Browning

Quiet Night at Home Poem

Tonight flipping through the TV

we find Godzilla versus Rodan. In Japan, you tell me,

giant monster movies are called kaiju films. Replicas of

genetic fear, I say, a pop culture critic might say,

I say. Anyway, we say, let's watch them pummel each other

for a while! They're stomping and punching and swooping, swinging

their tails and obliterating skyscrapers. Steel bridges

collapsing left and right. But this is all too fake, I say, I want

people! And then like magic, there they are! Like leaves

before they're raked. How stupid, I say, they're crowding

in the shadows, can't they see they're monster-shaped? Those two

are like Xeroxes of us, see! A Japanese one and a white one, crumpled

on the streets of Tokyo. Then suddenly, what's this? A love story,

exactly when you need it, tucked in a clean laboratory, the pretty reporter

is falling for the scientist! or is she the scientist falling for another

scientist? and me and you, we think it might work out.


Sommer Browning goes to poetry school in Tucson, Arizona and has poems in spork, Salt Hill, Gulf Stream Magazine, Perihelion and others. During the eighties, she ate countless dinners of salisbury steak while watching "Hawaii 5-O."

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