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James Wagner


Dear P,


I had two errands today.  I had to buy toothpaste and ibuprofen at the grocery store, and I had to take care of my finances at the bank.  In both places, I overheard a worker mentioning “tough love” as a remedy for someone, for a child in one case, or so it seemed.  The bank worker looked at me as I looked at him after he said it.  There were at least six hills of mystery in his eyes.





James Wagner is the author of the false sun recordings (3rd bed, 2003).  Poems from his manuscript, Trilce, have appeared or will appear in Antennae, BlazeVOX, Bridge, gam, Parakeet, Shampoo, and Typo Magazine.  The piece included here, "Dear P." is from his most recent manuscript, Claims of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  He reviews poetry books, chapbooks, and literary magazines on his weblog, Esther Press, at

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