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Volume 3 Number 4, April 1997

David Alexander has authored some thirty-two mass market paperback novels. About two years ago he decided it was time to return to writing noncommercial short fiction, something he had put off for more than a decade. Since then he has been searching for new metaphors and narrative modes suited to the age of the sound bite, the blur and the Zen koan as rock lyric.

Peter Brown has published numerous short stories in numerous literary magazines and has completed a novel currently in circulation.

Victor Grauer is a composer, media artist and poet in love with light and sound. He lives in Pittsburgh, where he teaches computer art and music at the High School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Tracy Heinlein has published fiction in Reputable Artifacts, Product and elsewhere. She is finishing her graduate degree at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Jay Marvin does a daily talk show on KHOW in Denver. He is one the country's only left-wing talk show hosts. He has two books of poetry and an avant-garde crime novel out all from Spectrum Press in Chicago.

Christopher Scanlan directs the writing programs at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg. He's published short stories in Redbook, Delaware Today, Providence Journal Sunday Magazine and Tampa Tribune Fiction Quarterly (forthcoming). His non-fiction essays and articles have appeared in The Boston Globe Magazine, The Writer, The Washington Post Magazine and The Christian Science Monitor, among others.

Guggenheim award-winner Robert Sward teaches at the University of California Extension in Santa Cruz. Chosen by Lucille Clifton to receive a Villa Montalvo Literary Arts Award, he is the author of 14 books including A Much-Married Man, A Novel, and Four Incarnations, New & Selected Poems. Read the novel about a five-times married, one-woman man in Robert Sward's A Much Married Man. A book all about love, compassion, and relationships. Contributing Editor to Blue Penny Quarterly (Internet), Sward also served as judge for eSCENE 1996, "the best short stories published on the Internet."

James Edward Whorton, Jr. teaches at a community college in northeast Tennessee. He studied writing at the University of Southern Mississippi and Johns Hopkins, and has published in Sun Dog, California Quarterly, Blip Magazine Archive, and Product.

Judy Wilson is at work on her doctorate. She has published stories in literary magazines including Renovated Lighthouse, Skylark, Product and Stop Laughing. She won first place for fiction in the 1995-96 Southern Literary Festival, and more recently the Joan Johnson Award for short stories. She's a native of Virginia.

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