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John Craun

And Spring

or maybe thatís us

on tour with a cover band,

singing along

with every rendition

of brown dead grass


another morning in our jackets

on a road across cheekbone hills,

another morning in a truck made of cold hands


we are the devout crossing the bridge

and stop, to look

at the river

which is not the river

but has new muscles and weight

there is confusion

over whose coffee

has a black lid


we continue, but notice

the skin of winter is pulled tight

and pinned at the edges by silos


John Craun is a twenty-six year old resident of Madison, New Jersey.  He is on the editorial staff of Square One (a literary annual published by the University of Colorado Press), and has recently finished work on his first book of poems, In The Country.  Poems from this book have been published by Word Riot and Zacatecas, and will soon appear in 3AM Magazine and Sidereality.

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