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David Alexander writes: "Decoys and The Frequency crystallized out of today's conspiracy Zeitgeist, but there are tie-lines to reality for both. For Decoys, it was a story I heard concerning a local fisherman who, having caught a piranha someone had dumped in the lake of a nearby park, tried to get the carnivorous fish adopted (successfully, as it turned out). For The Frequency, it was the well known strange encounter on a Manhattan street corner between Dan Rather and two men who allegedly beat him up while cryptically demanding, "Kenneth, what's the frequency?" The phrase has been synonymous with the bizarre and inexplicable since the event took place in the late '80s, and has lately formed the basis for some literary ruminations of mine. In fact I'm planning a series of "Kenneth" stories, of which this is the first."

James Jay is a graduate of Northern Arizona's M.A. in Literature program and has recently recevied an MFA from The University of Montana. He has trained as a wrestler in Mexico, and currently lives in Flagstaff with his wife Doris.

Adam Jones
is an English major at Penn State, where he's had his writing and artwork published. He recently completed a photographic novella entitled small flightless bird. He's currently interning as a technical writer for Lucent Technologies. He's also writing a collection of mathematical short stories and making a film.

Greg Sanders lives and works in New York City. His fiction has appeared in WV Magazine, Oval Magazine, and Blip Magazine Archive’s Web Fiction Issue, available now. A portion of Lamereaux will also be included in Fiction 2000, an anthology to be published by Red Hen Press (Palmdale, CA) in 1999. Electronic publications also include TimeOut’s Net Books, Pink Cadillac, and the 12/97 edition of MR-WEB.

Robert Shuster is senior editor at Adobe Magazine. His work has appeared in MicroFiction, an anthology of very short fiction published by WW Norton, as well as The Alaska Quarterly Review, Amelia, and Sun Dog, and other publications. He is currently working on a novel.

Seth Tucker
recently received his MA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University, where he worked as Poetry Editor for Thin Air magazine. Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral degree in Fiction at Florida State University. Seth is originally from Lander, Wyoming and enjoys chainsaw wood sculpting; a hobby his neighbors secretly resent. 

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