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Brian Cochran

Not To Be Used Till Over 40

Love is a simple burning of flowers.
The smoke goes up, it makes the clouds,
which make airplanes and cars possible,
in turn leading to ads which require
beautiful young women
with countless outfits and accessories to wear
after performing incredibly intricate procedures upon their hair
and exhibiting a preference for music that sells cars
and rides to places through air now pregnant
with their messages, all of which brings more young women
into existence and the music plays
in the tanning spas where they irradiate their brains
and did you know they TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES
think about it when you drive by or fly over
wrapped in your car or alternative travel arrangements
and everything will get pretty confused I have anyway
especially finding out they want love
they want love just like us less plugged-in mortals
who will from time to time give ourselves to one of them
and come in this way to understand about the flowers,
how much it hurts, the burning, the smoke going up,
the consummation, in which we, too,
are owned by the world.

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