A Note to Contributors

Recently some folks have object­ed to hav­ing their work turned down via form let­ter. We regret that this is a nec­es­sary expe­di­ent, but there it is. We want to alert all authors who may be sub­mit­ting work to BLIP that it is our stan­dard prac­tice to noti­fy con­trib­u­tors whose work we are not using via this mech­a­nism. If one of our edi­tors knows an author per­son­al­ly, there may be an added per­son­al note, but oth­er­wise, we will con­tin­ue to use the imper­son­al form let­ter. We request that con­trib­u­tors not take receipt of such as a slight of any kind. Given the scarci­ty of staff and the num­ber of sub­mis­sions it is sim­ple neces­si­ty. We hope you understand.