• Claire Hopple ~ Float


    She dri­ves past the house a third time. She wants to be a nat­ur­al. The blinds are clos­ing. Maybe that’s enough for today.


    The rumor starts out with flamin­gos. The zoo is near­by, and since their clipped wings grow back, it’s com­mon­place for them to flee and get away with it.

    But it turns out a macaw had slunk out of his cage and latched onto a Westfalia’s bumper, fresh­ly aslop –more

  • Of Interest — Police

    Of Interest is a recur­ring post link­ing to things of inter­est.

    About the police at VOX

  • Pavle Radonic ~ Recusant

    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Niqab woman arriv­ing late for break­fast was one of the teach­ers of a small group of mid-teens. Four girls sat at an adja­cent table and a half dozen oth­ers sep­a­rat­ing them­selves down at low­er ground. A madrasa excur­sion per­haps, though these were not of the low­er class poor. Traditionally many poor fam­i­lies sent daugh­ters to a madrasa at least in part to relieve the bur­den at home. These were mid­dle-class –more

  • Akinwale Peace Akindayo — Two Poems

    My Mother Mourns my Step-grand­moth­er

    My step-grand­moth­er laid on the porch
    An eagled spread below the sky
    Her flail­ing. Body only a con­tain­er of the soul.
    Her body only a con­tain­er of can­cer.
    You have been old since I knew you.

    I crum­bled in prayers, step-grand­moth­er,
    I prayed in your tongue.
    Let your grave know I want­ed to save you.

    But step-grand­moth­er allows us this grief –more

  • C. G. Rusch ~ The Man Who Buried His Dogs in the Front Yard

    It’s a long stretch speed­ing down the high­way from Atlanta to New Orleans, and most every­one dozes off. But the moon is just right, and for a moment, through the gums and elms and oaks and dog­woods of the road­side for­est tonight, a dwelling stands alone, its perime­ter out­lined with glow­ing col­ors. White lights and blue lights and red lights and yel­low. In the house lives a man who believes with –more

  • Glen Pourciau ~ Two Shorts


    We’d reached a turn­ing point. We didn’t want to tell our friend Cynthia what we thought of her choice of hus­bands, and we didn’t want to ask her what she saw in brawny reac­tionary types. What did her three choic­es of hus­bands have to do with us? It would have been more pleas­ant social­ly if we could have tol­er­at­ed any of her hus­bands’ com­pa­ny, and the way things had stood for many years was –more

  • Mandira Pattnaik ~ Rubble

    I  lost my good mood at the store tonight. That was after I lost my job at the hair­dressers, where I hadn’t  lost my good mood because it was not unex­pect­ed that Sheryl, the girl with the pout, would replace me (she was faster and sassier). And that was also after I lost my boyfriend Danish to my best friend but that hadn’t affect­ed me either because I was hap­py for my best friend (who –more

  • Kelly Brown Douglas in Sojourners

  • Ruby Sales ~ From My Front Porch

    Friends receive this shar­ing of my sto­ry with the love that is intend­ed. My sto­ry: A south­ern Black wom­an’s narrative/autobiographical song


    Nancy and I dri­ve the New Jersey Turnpike on our way to New York. I am com­pelled to New York by Audre Lorde’s death, June Jordan’s sick­ness and Adrian Felton’s dying. I am adult tired and need to be replen­ished by the joys, mem­o­ries and warmth of my –more

  • Kerri Quinn ~ Two Poems


    We’re sup­posed to be
    tak­ing a break.
    But we meet for din­ner
    and I take you back
    to my sub­let
    push you down on the couch.
    We’re sur­round­ed by pho­tos
    of peo­ple I don’t know.
    Their smiles fake.
    We kiss
    slow­ly, deeply.
    You slip my dress off so quick­ly
    I don’t real­ize I am naked.
    Your –more

  • Lucinda Kempe ~ Rupture

    A white sand heron fell onto our prop­er­ty. I thought it was a stray garbage bag caught in the brush until my hus­band said oth­er­wise. It was beau­ty in death. Almost appeared still fly­ing. With long yel­low beak and green half-closed eye it appeared to have flown off an ancient Egyptian tomb.

    There was no sign of a wound. Not a scab, a tear or a drop of red blood. Just a downed bird on the wing of the –more

  • Eleanor Levine ~ The Creek and the Whirlpool

    I keep check­ing Facebook, to see if she has read my emails, react­ed to my paint­ings, shown that sweet­ness that comes so rarely, but when it does, it’s like the jew­el of her smirk and lips and yet there are no words.

    I need to block her. Let the addic­tion end. The hero­in or meth vibe has me recur­rent­ly going on the com­put­er and the Facebook den of iniq­ui­ty to see if she has breathed, even writ­ten –more

  • Clifton Chenier from the Les Blank film.

  • Wilson Koewing ~ Beach, Ball

    The weath­er on the Carolina coast had been strange; a result of trop­i­cal depres­sion rem­nants. The sky cleared on a Thursday and the beach­es filled. I stubbed out a Spirit and popped the top on a new beer. Down the beach, a tod­dler walked toward the ocean hold­ing a beach ball over his head with both hands. A wave knocked him over and sent the beach ball sail­ing for­ward. The wind took it out to –more

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