• NWWQ — October 2022

    NWWQ invites sub­mis­sions in the first two weeks of Jan, April, July and October and pub­lish­es in those same months.

    Many thanks to all who sub­mit­ted to the October issue.

  • Claire Hopple ~ Keep it Together

    We watch some­thing burn until we notice it’s our apart­ment. It’s where we’ve been liv­ing for the past few hours. Fortunately that means most of our stuff is still boxed up in the truck. No skin off our backs. We’re out on the sidewalk.


  • Ryan Griffith ~ 24 Hour Elevator

    To break down is what we’re designed for. Lungs, lan­guage, ele­va­tors. A per­son can only climb sev­en floors before they grow old, before extinc­tion, and it’s me they call. Shaman, doc­tor, repair man. An ele­va­tor is a machine –more

  • Carrie Bartsch ~ Bird Dog

    Randall Morgan pre­ferred to sit in the back row, whether it be
    in air­planes, cars, even the mega-whop­per-dare­dev­il roller coast­er at the
    Little Heaven amuse­ment park.  He was a cool play­er, didn’t say much,

  • Wilson Koewing ~ Seven Shorts

    Truck Stop

    We were dri­ving across coun­try back to Denver and lost Odie’s leash. He need­ed to go for a walk and was young then and would run off. I pulled over at a Love’s Truck Stop in the mid­dle of nowhere Kansas think­ing they might –more

  • Joshua Hebburn ~ Bob

    We had spent many hours watch­ing peo­ple talk on the T.V.

    Well, Joan said. So we drove back.

    The hills were down to the earth. Each was a bare dirt heap, or a com­pli­cat­ed geo­log­i­cal jut.

    The trees—which we had known and liked –more

  • Kenton K. Yee ~ Six Poems


    The meat in the pool—
    The rodent pecks the cat—
    The cat bleeds the bird—
    The bird drinks the dew—

    We’ve all seen this episode before.
    The cook­ie is red, the cook­ie is blue.

    The meat is actu­al­ly bread.
    The bread’s beet red.
    Red –more

  • Maya McOmie ~ Four Poems


    If you speak of me, I’ll be sneez­ing. The devil
    is spo­ken for, and so am I. Each gos­sip, each
    rumor: if only it were true. Usually no one
    cares enough about me to say any­thing, kind
    or cru­el. Since I sneeze so many times in –more

  • Julie Esther Fisher ~ Gargoyle

    English, cock­ney at that, the squadron of chil­dren are killers with their for­eign tongues. A new school for the American… At sev­en, she under­stands scarce­ly a word of what they say.

    The man in the black suit is her father. –more

  • Stephen Barile ~Three Poems


    a four-sto­ry brick hotel
    at 90 Alexander Street in Gastown,
    the orig­i­nal settlement
    and old­est part of the city,
    close to the Port of Vancouver,
    was built in 1905
    to serve the itin­er­ant male pop­u­la­tions

  • Jack Buck ~ Temporary self-directed activities

    Went down the Colorado River, got out and camped along the way. A two-per­son tent for the group wasn’t large enough, so instead, we stored all our belong­ings inside the tent, elect­ing to sleep out under the stars. Our bod­ies –more

  • Mike Andrelczyk ~ The Laundry Room

    It was a slow day at the hotel. I kept check­ing my walkie-talkie to make sure it was on. I went down to the laun­dry room.

    What’s up Mr. Moneybags,” Olivia said. She thought it was fucked up I got tips for doing a job –more

  • Brian Builta ~ Five Poems

    My Best Friend

    Yes, I have a drink­ing problem
    and a mar­malade fix­a­tion, light
    dif­fuse and warm com­forts me
    whether through whiskey or oranges
    or orang­utans. I lurch and heave,
    weep and wipe my eyes and blow
    my nose and sigh to –more

  • Michael Grant Smith ~ Space Junk

    An ultra­light air­craft over­shoots the run­way and incin­er­ates my aza­leas. The pilot (a per­son I didn’t know) and my can­dy-col­ored flow­ers per­ish sim­i­lar­ly. Flames glow like movie the­ater “Coming Attractions” pro­ject­ed –more

  • Julian George ~ This is a pipe

    Maigret smiled around his pipe. — Simenon

    A great many men
    Many of them great
    In word and deed, in flesh and fantasy
    Were pipe smokers;
    These men
    Favoured the noble pipe to the shab­by gasper
    A trusty Briarwood to –more

  • Al Ortolani ~ Four Poems

    Losing a Ring

    My father blamed him­self. My moth­er said
    he should have lis­tened. Who gives
    a four-year-old a gold ring?
                          And that’s how
    it was left, like a tree –more

  • Andrew Plattner ~ Schuylkill

    She spot­ted Alvin seat­ed in a pew in the 30th Street Station, dressed in a wool coat too warm for September. He seemed to be focus­ing on the dig­i­tal board that held depar­ture infor­ma­tion. She’d thought of vis­it­ing –more

  • Glen Pourciau ~ Two Short Pieces


    I was at the col­lege for an author talk on a nov­el based on local his­to­ry. A few dozen peo­ple attend­ed and most of us head­ed after­ward to a refresh­ment table loaded with desserts pre­pared by stu­dents in the –more

  • NWWQ ~ JULY 2022

  • Abby Frucht ~ Take Six

    Even after a day being parked at the trail­head, she has yet to dis­cov­er the name of the trail, this stretch of boot prints in mud from which wet­lands spew, the lake to one side and to the oth­er some tur­tles sun­ning in muck, –more