On comments & other notes

We have been alert­ed that some folk who wished to com­ment on var­i­ous pieces in the new issue were unable to com­ment because com­ments are closed. This is site pol­i­cy–we have nev­er inten­tion­al­ly encour­aged piece-by-piece com­ments. We have many rea­sons for this, chief among them that casu­al com­ments, such as make up the great major­i­ty of such things on the Web, are rarely more than friends pat­ting each oth­er on the back.  We think friends pat­ting each oth­er on the back is a good thing, but that it might bet­ter be done in pri­vate and per­son­al­ly. We real­ize this puts us in a tiny minor­i­ty these days, but we are will­ing to be ghet­toized thus.

We are still find­ing our way as a Web pub­li­ca­tion and it is pos­si­ble that at some future point we will allow, even encour­age, comment–that is, we reserve the right to change our mind.  At present, how­ev­er, we have not changed our mind.  Our mind remains (sleep­i­ly) res­olute. We encour­age you to use the con­ven­tion­al out­lets for being sup­port­ive of one anoth­er, these being the tele­phone, the e‑mail, the over­land mail, the face­book, the smoke signal.

On the mat­ter of the site’s name, we have tem­porar­i­ly changed it on the site to pis­tol mice.

Please note that the URL remains www.blipmagazine.net, and for the moment, for all prac­ti­cal pur­pos­es, the site can be pre­sumed to remain BLIP even if it says pis­tol mice up there at the top. If you object to it say­ing pis­tol mice up there, well, we apol­o­gize. Tomorrow it will prob­a­bly say large bony out­crop up there, as that is the next name on our list of names for the site, and we are, as pre­vi­ous­ly remarked, still find­ing our way.  We beg your patience and good will.