Gary Percesepe ~ The Climactic Interview

NBC Today Show: Guy Debord Interviews Edmund Jabès on Systemic Racism in America

Q:        They tell me you’re writ­ing a book?
A:        Liars. Knaves.
Q.        Can you explain for our view­ers what your new book is about?
A:        You are the one who writes and is written.
Q:        Excuse us?
A:        Mark the first page of the book with a red mark­er. For in the begin­ning, the wound is invisible.
Q:        Right. Where is your new book set?
A:        In the book.
Q:        I’m sor­ry. I’m hav­ing trou­ble fol­low­ing you.
A:        I, too, have often tried to give up.
Q:        We are almost at com­mer­cial. Can you tell us, quick­ly, what is your story?
A:        Ours, inso­far it is absent.
Q:        I do not understand.
A:        Speaking tor­tures me.
Q:        Let me rephrase. What is your truth? We have 30 sec­onds before the break.
A:        What lac­er­ates me.
Q:        And your salvation?
A:        Forgetting what I said.
Q:        That’s a big amen. If only Nixon were so lucky.
A:        There are no steps in the sea. Nor degrees in pain.
Q:        To see is to go through mir­rors. At the end we see the night of the last star.
A:        You are get­ting the hang of this.
Q:        One of the things I hate about my job is these damn com­mer­cials. I also hate what is said in places I leave behind.
A:        You trade in a future which is imme­di­ate­ly translated.
Q:        Let the dead bury their dead.
A:        Precisely.
Q:        When, as a child, I wrote my name for the first time, I knew I was begin­ning a book.
A:        Repeat after me: Fuck the commercial.
Q:        You are walk­ing toward death. You are walk­ing on all the deaths which belong to you and your race, and the lack of sense of these deaths.
A:        Yet some solemn­ly intone that America is not a racist country.
Q:        To the blind man who begged for his bless­ing, Reb Yekel said: Speak to the man who sees with your miss­ing eyes.
A:        To the one-armed man who begged for his bless­ing, Reb Derrida said: Speak to the man who builds with your miss­ing arm.
Q:        Shall we have lunch?
A: Sure.
Q:        Can you buy? I think I’m out of a job.
A:        Never work.
Q:        Although I have read a lot, I have drunk even more. I have writ­ten much less than most peo­ple who write, but I have drunk much more than most peo­ple who drink.
A:        Noted. Shit. Did I just agree to buy?
Q:        The hap­pi­ness to be one­self is what the horse feels when it has thrown off its rider.


Gary Percesepe is the author of The Winter of J, and an Associate Editor at New World Writing.