Stolen message

Scott Wright: Impact trau­ma is a term that we use to dif­fer­en­ti­ate dif­fer­ent things that might have caused the birds to appear the way they do when we con­duct the necrop­sy, which is an autop­sy of ani­mals. And what we look for are spe­cif­ic appear­ance of organs and blood and so forth that might be where it’s not sup­posed to be and that sort of thing, as a result of the birds strik­ing either a flat or blunt sur­face as opposed to a sharp sur­face. So impact trau­ma in this case means that the birds struck some­thing that was blunt or flat.

What we looked for are tears in the organs, some bro­ken bones, and hem­or­rhage, which means there’s free blood in places where we would­n’t nor­mal­ly find it like with­in the body cav­i­ty. All of these are indi­ca­tions of type of trau­ma, in this case, from blunt surface.

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