I hate the blog­ging and any­thing remote­ly blog­gish and all of the crap networking–interesting, yes, for about two weeks after you’ve seen all the avail­able pho­tos of your now shock­ing­ly cor­pu­lent high school acquain­tances.  I’d like to see BLIP force­ful­ly posi­tion itself as a place that does­n’t ask to be “liked” or “friend­ed” or “tweet­ed” but read and engaged.  A place where work, in a now rad­i­cal move on the inter­net, is vet­ted for qual­i­ty.  The only blog­gy thing I might like is some­thing like a lim­it­ed-access Wiki in which BLIP’s sta­ble of authors–we have a sta­ble, don’t we?–may sub­mit as they wish.  New authors would have to audi­tion as any artist might, and approved authors who become bor­ing or self-indul­gent will read­i­ly be denied access.  Something like that.  I’m look­ing for some­thing that isn’t as per­mis­sive as every­thing out there.  Yes, I know, this is the def­i­n­i­tion of a lib­er­al elit­ist snob.  Whatever.  I’m just so sick of all the junk that’s out there.

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