Sandra Kolankiewicz ~ What Might Today

Certainly, I admired before I met

you, a per­son who was doing what I

could not imag­ine, and not for your­self

but for oth­ers, the way ani­mals

adopt lost souls of anoth­er species.

Afterwards, I just did not respond when

oth­ers talked, ignored them, learned to put you

into what today ther­a­pists call a

com­part­ment” for, though you were lost, we still

had to con­verse, see one anoth­er in

the day to day roil­ing and tur­moil, no

use try­ing to pre­tend oth­er­wise. I’ve

been a fry cook in the sum­mer, sav­ing

for col­lege, so I know when something’s too

hot and whether or not the medi­um

is sour, some oils health­i­er than oth­ers,

cur­rent con­ver­sa­tions all about how

to heal inflam­ma­tion. Forget what you’re

think­ing and con­sid­er your joints, the way

they swell in weath­er, how you sud­den­ly

know they exist. If you give up mov­ing

through that pain, you’ll nev­er trav­el again.


Sandra Kolankiewicz’s poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Pudding, Free State Review, 8 Poems, and One.  Turning Inside Out is avail­able through Black Lawrence Press.  The Way You Will Go and Lost in Transition can be found at Finishing Line Press.