Matt Salesses

Opposite of Succubus?

The Asian girl was a graph­ic design­er. I stole her ideas when I could. She said she gave them to me. She had a thing about gifts. You couldn’t take any­thing from her. That was what frus­trat­ed me the most; she made every­thing I stole seem like a favor. I came back to her because I want­ed her to see her delu­sion, but then because I liked the delusion—it suit­ed me. She thought it suit­ed me that she was Asian; she didn’t know I had an Asian girl at home. I lied to her about every­thing, to see how much I could get. She must know, I told myself, the telling a favor to us both.


Matthew Salesses was born in Korea. He is the author of The Last Repatriate (Nouvella Books, forth­com­ing) and two chap­books. His fic­tion has appeared in Glimmer Train, Witness, American Short Fiction, and oth­ers. He is the Fiction Editor for the Good Men Project Magazine. Other pieces in this series are forth­com­ing in The Literarian, The Lifted Brow, and nthWord.