G. Percesepe ~ Firsts

I went for a walk last night. A block in I heard some­thing odd near­by, looked down, found it was the new fam­i­ly dog, a recent res­cue, usu­al­ly too timid to even look at me. Who knows what she suf­fered in her pre­vi­ous life? But since yes­ter­day, since Monday, I’ve been feed­ing her table scraps. She’s been look­ing up when I call her name. And now there she was, keep­ing pace with me walk­ing the dark street. I was afraid she’d get hit by a car, but she paid no atten­tion to the cars or the oth­er dogs, just walked beside me, her lit­tle legs churn­ing. After a time we turned into the park, cut across the base­ball dia­mond where no chil­dren were play­ing, and made our way home.