We been blipped

As of today we are offi­cial­ly BLIP, an inde­pen­dent lit mag heir to MississippiReview.com. As is men­tioned else­where, we have the same edi­to­r­i­al group plus some new addi­tions, and we will pub­lish a quar­ter­ly mag­a­zine as a struc­tured pub­li­ca­tion in January, April, July, and October. In addi­tion we’ll do a This Week page which Meg Pokrass is work­ing with us on, and a Favorites page where we’ll pub­lish things that catch our inter­est out­side of the reg­u­lar pub­lish­ing sched­ule. We start­ed as RICK Magazine, but some­one could­n’t bear that, so we’ve adopt­ed BLIP, which pre­cise­ly cap­tures who and what we are–all of us. New address is www.blipmagazine.net, though blip­mag and rick­mag will also get you here.