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Frederick Barthelme

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Pier Rodelon

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Kim Chinquee

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Elizabeth Wagner

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Gary Percesepe, Alan Rossi, Carrie Hoffman, Joan Wilking

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Angela Ball, Pia Ehrhardt, Jared Hegwood, Beck Ireland, Julia Johnson, Gary Percesepe, Kerri Quinn, James Whorton, Cheryl Wagner, Jurgen Fauth, Victoria Lancelotta, A. Neil Smith, Darlin’ Neal, Vallie Lynn Watson, John Holman

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Note: In a shift of pol­i­cy & con­cept, we are hop­ing to expand our oper­a­tion to include all kinds of con­tent — fic­tion, poet­ry, music, art, pho­tographs, non­fic­tion, inter­views, asides, short reports, jour­nal­ism, opin­ion, what­ev. Thus we invite con­trib­u­tors to send to us any such mate­r­i­al at the Submissions link at top of any page. We will look at every­thing and pub­lish what we can.

New World Writing posts con­tin­u­ous­ly. Information about themes and upcom­ing inter­ests will always be list­ed on the Submissions page. We will always be accept­ing and read­ing new sub­mis­sions. Submissions should be sent as attach­ments in MS Word for­mat and should include a short 150–200 word bio note at the end of each sub­mis­sion. All rights (except NWW reprint rights) revert to indi­vid­ual authors upon publication.

How we got here
New World Writing began life as Mississippi Review Online, a per­son­al Web site that the edi­tor (who was then also edi­tor of Mississippi Review, the print mag­a­zine) put online in 1995. On depart­ing his edi­tor­ship of MR, the edi­tor invit­ed those folks who worked on the online ver­sion of MR to join him in this new ven­ture. New World Writing (first as Mississippireview.com, and then as BlipMagazine.net) was among the first and most pop­u­lar lit­er­ary mag­a­zines on the Web. As of 2010, the mag­a­zine had more than fif­teen hun­dred sto­ries and poems in its archive, work by such writ­ers as Thom Jones, Ben Marcus, Francine Prose, Padgett Powell, Barry Hannah, Tom Drury, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rick Bass, Ben Neihart, Brian Oberkirch, Michael Dermansky, Courtney Eldridge, David Ryan, Laurie O’Brien, Jaime Clarke, Stacey Richter, Susan Hubbard, Larry French.

Recent online issues have includ­ed work from Bob Hicok, Dorianne Laux, Christine Sneed, Brad Watson, Lori Ostlund, Mary Grimm, Floyd Skloot, George Saunders, Michael Knight, Nin Andrews, Mary Miller, Pamela Painter, James Robison, Kate Braverman, Ann Beattie, Thaisa Frank, Bobbie Ann Mason, Brad Watson, Angela Ball, Diann Blakely, Gary Percesepe, Cathy Hankla, Mary Miller, Bruce Smith, Paul Maliszewski, Curtis Smith, Denise Duhamel, Robert Lopez, Paul Lisicky,  George Singleton, Julia Johnson, Meg Pokrass, Kara Candito and many others.

We hope you make the site a reg­u­lar stop in your Web trav­els, and we wel­come and encour­age your participation.