Steve Passey ~ Three Pieces

Fair of Eye and Fiery-Souled

The heart only loves once and it only longs for one alone. When that is gone all that fol­lows is epi­taph, love made from mem­o­ry of love, love made from what was good about love, love restrained at the edge of that lim­it­less fall. No one looks into that abyss, fair of eye, fiery-souled and fear­less, ever again.


Scent and Sun and Salt

Of you, more than the things I have seen, it is the taste in my mouth, the scent of sun and salt on your skin, and your name, the sound of your name, speak­ing it just to hear it. This is how I prayed, when I prayed to you.


Euryale’s Cipher

It is a sad thing to be reduced by wor­ry to paral­y­sis, then set aside to bide the end in silence and lone­li­ness. This is the law of the illim­itable: That the one should rule, but that the oth­er should own. This is the bal­ance between us, and this is the only justice.


Steve Passey, a mul­ti­ple Pushcart Nominee, is from Southern Alberta. He is the author of the col­lec­tion Forty-Five Minutes of Unstoppable Rock (Tortoise books), and the Novella Starseed (Seventh Terrace Books) and many oth­er indi­vid­ual things. You can reach him on twit­ter @SuperHeavy666.