Mercury-Marvin Sunderland ~ One Albino Bug Crawling On A Piece Of Moss

One albi­no bug crawl­ing on a piece of moss.
Long antennae.
Simple legs.
It jumps, fly­ing down onto a piece of pine.
Walking across sand and grav­el. Crawls across a stick.
A dead albi­no moth is nearby.
Dead leaves scat­ter the ground.
The bug is no longer in sight. It has dis­ap­peared, just like death itself. These albi­nos are white like bones with no flesh.
These rot­ting leaves are full of holes. They curl down­wards, as if grip­ping to what’s left of this world. Their skele­tons are so easy to see. Their skele­tons can so eas­i­ly be torn apart.
Autumn is the sea­son of decay. We have just seen the birth of Spring. The youth of Summer. Fall is the day of old age. Named after the leaves which have lost their grip on life itself.
Winter is the upcom­ing death. Melting snow match­es white bones. White stones dot this beach. The tide is com­ing in with white foam.
White hous­es dot the oth­er side of the water. They’re vacant, emp­ty. Each house has at least one fram­ing of white. When the sun bleach­es away all the col­or that will be all that is left.
Tall pine trees with thin trunks sur­round every edge of the beach.
In the sky there are faint wisps of white clouds. The sky is only faint­ly blue.
The dis­tant hum of a motor­boat. The dis­tant hum of a motor­ized lawn mow­er. Of a weed wack­er. The sound of water crash­ing on the beach.
Logs sub­merged in the water. This water claims all. It will take all. A piece of white plas­tic lying on the rocks.
The ache in an upper leg. The ebb of a rash on one’s low­er back.


Mercury-Marvin Sunderland (he/him) is a trans­gen­der autis­tic gay man from Seattle with Borderline Personality Disorder. He cur­rent­ly attends the Evergreen State College and works for Headline Poetry & Press. He’s been pub­lished by UC Riverside’s Santa Ana River Review, UC Santa Barbara’s Spectrum Literary Journal, and The New School’s The Inquisitive Eater. His life­long dream is to become the most banned author in human his­to­ry. He’s @Romangodmercury on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.