• Simon Perchik ~ Five Poems

    From the same mag­ic spell that’s not air
    you lay bare two suns–a blind­ing run
    before there was any life on Earth

    –what fol­lows already knows
    how love would work and went for it
    though nobody will say where that star went

    except when reach­ing out –more

  • Zac Smith ~ Healthy, Fit, and Fulfilled

    It was the week­end and I rode my bike to the riv­er. Someone had set up a ramp for stunts. Kids were ramp­ing their moun­tain bikes off of the ramp and into the riv­er, leap­ing from the seat at the last minute to try and grab a large knot­ted rope that –more

  • Gary Percesepe ~ More Sentences We Couldn’t Get Enough Of

    (a cen­to)

    The prob­lem of psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly dis­tort­ed deities is an extreme­ly com­plex sub­ject, which tran­scends the lim­i­ta­tions of the present work. In the east, I could see Jupiter ris­ing, fat and blur­ry. We begin to rec­og­nize the mon­u­ments of the bour­geoisie –more

  • Pat Foran ~ When You Entertain Notions of Freedom and the Sea Settles in for the Night and You Think She Might See You Out There, in the Distance

    Raymond Burr, the actor who played Perry Mason, buys an island in the Republic of Fiji and calls it Nowheresville Inc.

    On his island, Raymond Burr, the actor who played Ironside, rais­es orchids, cat­tle and Space Food Sticks.

    Raymond Burr, whose scenes –more

  • Mercury-Marvin Sunderland ~ Perfume

    my mom gave me
    for my birth­day this year.

    it came in late
    and inside a bottle
    five times smaller
    than what we expected.

    it didn’t even have
    a spray nozzle.

    one small stick of plastic
    attached to the cap
    so i would drop –more

  • Dawn Raffel

    The Big Book of Elephants

    The ele­phant keep­er sat out­side the ele­phant enclo­sure read­ing The Big Book of Elephants. The weath­er was per­fect for such an endeav­or, –more

  • Rev. Traci Blackmon

    Confession of a Woman who Preaches

    I haven’t done one of these in a long time.
    Please indulge me.

    As a senior in an exclu­sive pri­vate high school, Ivy League recruiters were not strangers to me. As sopho­mores and juniors, our small class of 32 took time off from class­es to tour first –more

  • Peter Leight ~ Poems


    I’m not afraid, not at the moment, I don’t even have any ene­mies. I’m not defend­ing myself, even though I’m not afraid to, since some­body told me they’re look­ing tired I’m not even using my hands any­more. Not mount­ing a defense, or offer­ing –more

  • Bud Smith ~ Rewild

    Natalie came back. She brought our bed and the pots and pans. I couldn’t believe it. I crawled up off the floor and she cooked us eggs and made me human again. I scratched her back. Braided her hair. Worshipped her every square mil­lime­ter. –more

  • Myna Chang ~ The Potential of Radio and Rain

    June 21, 1984
    Deaf Smith County, Texas


    Moonshot Rodriguez used to mash up light­ning bugs and smear them on his front teeth. His grand­pa had named him, and told him the grave­yard was haunt­ed with the light of spe­cial lives. Moonshot believed him. He –more

  • Kim Chinquee ~ Lucky

    I walk across the street, bring­ing the Sangria I con­coct­ed, the veg­an choco­late truf­fles, the banana bread I made for the first time with­out eggs. I have fun bak­ing and cook­ing stuff that is pre­sumed to be healthy.

    I see these peo­ple often, wav­ing –more

  • Detective Cooney

  • Neal Suit ~ Up

    My best friend, Olivia, was a sar­dine wedged into her father’s base­ment, liv­ing in the space between two pressed palms, cocooned under the ground. Maybe that’s why she always talked about things that go up, up, up. She want­ed to be a pilot, or –more

  • Pavle Radonic ~ Letter from the East

    Quelle Horreur

    After years and decades of hor­ror sto­ries, movies, TV shows, graph­ics & adver­tis­ing the actu­al does not, can­not pos­si­bly, pen­e­trate. Not when it comes from the same screens and talk­ing heads. Unreal. All vast­ly unre­al. Especially so to the young –more

  • Poseur