Élan Lafontaine


Marsha, whose par­ents this week­end — Thank you God! — Thank you, God! – have been, this week­end, on their, on a vaca­tion, she gets my, gets the, our group’s  atten­tion, the atten­tion, at the- at our- at her – par­ty, and she,
(also, there too, my boyfriend)

Marsha announces to us all, “So guys, so- so I’ve made the draw­ings, guys.”

I said, “Party, guys! Party! Party! Party!”

(Because yes, Marsha, yes; I do love you.)

I said, “Party, guys!”

(These, guys, these, they are the sorts of thoughts that I felt that you can get, at that par­ty.)

Marsha then said, “Wait, guys.” “Wait.” “Guys, guys, wait- wait, guys.”

Theresa,(who, and this, this is, I can, can say hap­pi­ly, hap­pi­ly, real­ly, real­ly, very, very hap­pi­ly, is final­ly now, is offi­cial­ly now, Marsha’s girl­friend),

Theresa said,

“Guys, it’s my theme, for God’s sake!”
“It’s my theme, guys!”
“It’s my theme!”
“Guys, guys, guys, it’s my theme!”
“It’s my theme!”
“It’s a theme that’s out at every­one!”
“This theme, this theme!”

This theme, this theme, this theme!” “Guys!”

That that whole time!”

Guys, that that whole time we’ve all been inside each oth­er!”

Guys- it’s just these par­ties!”

It’s just that it’s these par­ties!”

Marsha rests weari­ly on Theresa’s shoul­der and sighs,
She – Marsha – con­tin­ues: “And, and, you know, guys, you know,
it’s just, guys, it’s just that,
that it’s these sorts of ideas, guys, you know.”

Crayons.” “Crayons, guys.”
“Crayons, crayons, crayons.”

Guys- crayons are my favorite!” Theresa shouts.

I said, “Theresa — they are my favorite, too!”
(Does every­one have any­thing like that you have to drink?) (Oolong, Oolong, Oolong!)
(It’s some­thing I have to have, it’s some­thing that I have to drink, Oolong.)

(I love Oolong, love it, love it, love it, love it, espe­cial­ly, espe­cial­ly when I draw, espe­cial­ly, Oolong)

Marsha says, “And it is a cup of Oolong, inside my best mug.”
“Guys, it is a cup of Oolong
inside my best mug.”
Theresa says, “I have a smile
that’s so wide at the par­ty! That’s so wide at the par­ty,
with the Oolong!”

Guys, I have a smile that’s so wide in the draw­ing!”

I mean, and, guys, I mean, they were danc­ing!”

Marsha says, “Because, guys, we know, they were!”
Marsha says, “And the peo­ple I drew, the peo­ple I drew guys, guys the peo­ple I drew, they are danc­ing, the peo­ple!”

The peo­ple, they are danc­ing!”

But,” I said,
“but we’re all there,” I said,

we’re all there at the par­ty, there at the par­ty, unit­ed,” I said,

unit­ed with each oth­er, we are all there at the par­ty, and we’re unit­ed at the par­ty,” I said,
“we are unit­ed with each oth­er at the par­ty, and,” I said,
“we’re all, we’re all inside each oth­er at the par­ty, and we are all,” I said,
“we are all togeth­er,” I said,

togeth­er at the par­ty, we are all unit­ed at the par­ty, we are all togeth­er, there is no out­side at the par­ty,” I said,
“no out­side,” I said,
“no out­side, all inside,” I said,
“all inside at the par­ty, and so, and so, so,” I said,

I felt that, I felt that, that as a way, that as a way,” I said,

of, of, as a sign, of, as a sign of that, as a sign of that, I think, I think we should all,” I said,

we should be drink­ing tea as well, if that’s the case, if we are all at the par­ty, if that’s the case, if, if that is the case that we are all unit­ed, unit­ed, with each oth­er.”


Élan Lafontaine is 22. His work has appeared in or will be appear­ing at NOON, Blip Magazine, metazen, and eli­mae.