David Mohan

Durer’s Hare 

Occupying fore­ground,
the hereti­cal hare
trem­bles in wet pigment.

A study in fur—inked whiskers
glossy as though birth-stroked,
every stray fil­a­ment is

Only a sure printmaker’s care
could lift and focus such
a del­i­cate presence,
or ren­der palpable

this downy lack of flesh.
Albrecht’s rhino,
his dust-speck­led tortoise,
divined like the feint

of a grey base wash, are
guess-sketched myth
com­pared to how a lurcher
might sniff and lick,

(dog-snout to twitch­ing nose),
this leveret.


David Mohan is based in Dublin, Ireland, and received a PhD from Trinity College. He has been pub­lished in Necessary Fiction, Opium, Contrary, eli­mae, Flash International mag­a­zine and The Chattahoochee Review. In 2012 he won the UK-based Café Writers’ International Poetry Competition. He has been short­list­ed in The Bridport Prize and nom­i­nat­ed for The Pushcart Prize.