Anne Gorrick

Three Poems

Folio #11 — and abut­ting hor­i­zon­tal
August 22, 2009

Can you include / the fol­low­ing year / as / an image?
Near simul­ta­ne­ous­ly / how­ev­er
Their rela­tion­ship / is both / ref­er­en­tial / and / non­de­scrip­tive
They brought the marks of / nam­ing / and / intro­duc­ing
three stacked / was her favorite / strat­a­gem
muta­ble / cal­i­bra­tion
In each oth­er they court­ed / decep­tion and con­tra­dic­tion
Her false starts / cues at odds
How to induce dis­cor­dance? / Our met­al memo­ri­als / frozen / crowd­ed
They made chains / strate­gies / tight groups of reit­er­a­tions
Her capac­i­ty for rever­sals / anoth­er form of print­mak­ing
Composition has not seri­al­ized them
breaks and lay­er­ings / sig­nal / reit­er­a­tion
arche­ol­o­gy in his / con­fu­sion / this shift
order breaks as eas­i­ly / as a descrip­tive title

The Sea

Its cakes put me at ease
Beyond paint­ing
a sea crea­ture changed into Hemingway
There are obit­u­ar­ies in these echoes
Myrtle dev­ils a Panama City beach
Empress oil explor­er robot, egg lyrics
The sea floor is con­stant­ly shrink­ing
I will be a sea­horse hunter
of reduc­tions
an awak­en­ing island exper­i­ment
This movie is full and boil­ing hot
with Nantucket heli­copters
A lam­prey can best be described as a grapevine
near our mam­mal alpha­bets
Sea nymph ship­wreck trea­sure print
Nettle nymph
The earth floats on a sea of troll ener­gy
Monsters sum­ma­rize Galilee
There was a prince, a fire child, a pig
Postmodern poets con­tin­ue
to pop­u­late Greek mythol­o­gy
with their sea quotes, sea queens
Sea spir­its kill dev­il hills
Shells, urchin embryos
Jack London will even­tu­al­ly claim every­thing


The Rain

A lyric ascen­sion into night
Robert Creeley and his ingots of grace
A church in Las Vegas filled with crows
Dogs dance and that affects pho­tog­ra­phy
as much as a bionome that sur­rounds both the just and the unjust
Layers of god­dess­es gauge and gut­ter
their sum­ma­ry in hors­es and sil­ver san­dals
Africa goes cold and slow­ly the days fall out of it
The crows keep falling out of the sky
Nightclubs with their sea­son­al orphan­age
and gold ter­ror juices
are asso­ci­at­ed with the rain shad­ow effect
The chords in sprin­klers
We’ve made an unrat­ed remake of our­selves
Latitudes at rain zero

Anne Gorrick is a poet and visu­al artist, author of I‑Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I‑Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), and Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008). She is co-edit­ing with Sam Truitt an anthol­o­gy of adven­tur­ous poet­ry from New York’s Hudson Valley called: In|Filtration: An Anthology of Innovative Poetry from the Hudson River Valley (Station Hill, Barrytown, NY, 2014). A new book, A’s Visuality, is forth­com­ing from BlazeVOX Books. Images of her visu­al art can be found here.