Summer 2011

Una nota editoriale

These pieces were sub­mit­ted to our call for pieces of 1000 words which we were think­ing was some­thing in the area of longer flash fic­tion, and about the dura­tion of our atten­tion span at the present. All more or less ful­fill this require­ment and the require­ment to be enter­tain­ing, a lit­tle off-putting, more inter­est­ing than aver­age (to us), and freshish. We hope that you enjoy.

In a pos­si­ble diver­sion from our usu­al prac­tice, we may add work to this issue dur­ing the three months of its “pub­li­ca­tion,” so even if you man­age to read all, please do come back by to check for more.